Research Project

This is a research project that requires you to research the controversy concerning the torture of the United States Detainees at Guantanamo. To familiarize yourself with the issues, a good place to start is at the Human Rights web page at:    Additional information regarding the debate may be found on the Internet. You can use the search phrase “Torture AND Human rights,” to begin your search.  Tasks:  Write a report on the assessment and facts. Your report should specifically describe the following:  •How does the treatment of military detainees at Guantanamo differ from that of American citizens accused of committing crimes, in terms of goals and prisoner rights? •What are some of the most used tactics for interrogation? How do you think these would be useful in the case of military detainees at Guantanamo? Is torture justified as a means of coercion? •Are Miranda rights required? Would such coercion be acceptable under Miranda standards? •Does it matter if the miscarriage of justice involves a U.S. citizen or foreigner? •Should the rights of U.S. citizens only protect them? •Where do you draw the line between protecting your country and protecting individual rights?  Give reasons along with your opinion. This paper is expected to reflect a thorough understanding of interrogation law and practice.

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Research Project
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