Research report

This submission will be submitted to Turnitin®.
For this assignment, you should choose a 7-page research report (NOT table of contents, two charts / graphs / visuals, or APA Reference page – your Executive Summary counts towards your page count). Your report should aim to explore a specific angle of your chosen topic in the Canadian business world / workforce; provide a brief history / context of the issue; discuss how the issue is currently being addressed; and offers recommendations for solutions to the issue. 
Your report must have the following components:
Title Page
Table of contents
1-page Executive Summary
Brief history of chosen topic
Discussion of the issue of current status (incorporation of research and your own analysis)
Inclusion of at least 2 charts/graphs 
Recommendations/Next Steps (incorporation of research and your own analysis)
References Page (APA Format) (Note: You must use a minimum of 10 sources. This page does not count towards your page total). 
Executive Summary: 5 marks (minimum one page single-spaced, content, structure, organization, grammar/punctuation)
Report: 40 marks
– Argument (takes clear position on topic; persuasive analysis of topic; strong discussion of history/next steps): 15 marks
– Research (effective incorporation and analysis of research): 10 marks
– Organization/Structure (minimum of 7 pages including two charts/graphs to support analysis included in Appendix and labelled corrected; distinct organization of report components e.g. headings; cohesive internal paragraph structure): 5 marks
– Style (readability, tone, diction, clarity, transitions): 5 marks
– Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, typographical errors): 5 marks
References Page: 5 marks (each resource must pass the “CRAAP” test and be structured in APA format)
Possible Topics 
1) Technology (eg Cybersecurity, Digital privacy, Non-human labor, “always connected” workplace, etc.)
2) Sustainability (eg environmental practices)
3) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
4) Sexual Harassment
5) Equity (eg Gender-Pay Gap, Affirmative Action, Accessibility, Anti-Oppression, Diversity Training, etc.)
6) Labor Policies (Unions, Minimum Wages, Health Insurance, Pensions, Professional Development, etc.)
7) Mental Health (eg policies, resources, support services, responsibility for etc.)
8) Free Speech (eg private / public self: social media)

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