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Explain the differences between the ethical standards for clients being treated by psychologists in counseling sessions and the standards for conducting psychological research with human participants.
To answer this question, it would help to understand what they both have in common before answering the difference. Both research and psychologist have to have informed consent. Either the client or subject has to be informed about the form of therapy or what to expect during research. They also have to be informed of any possibility of harm to themself, if they are being recorded or video taped. Another similarities that they share is animity. Clients or participant in a research study have the right to stay anonymous.
The two differences is that in research is that they may offer inducements for participating in the research. If this is the case they can not make to excessive. Where are in therapy it is the client that pays.
Reading the APA the line under principle one where it states “Take care to do not harm” speaks to all the rules through out the APA. All these rules are in place to protect everyone be it a client or a participant in a study.
Consider your future career in the field of psychology and describe the parts of the Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct you expect to relate directly to your future career.
The Code of conduct that would relate directly to me would be, informed consent. This would be the first one of the codes that would be directly related to what I would like to do. I say this because I would like to work with children and to do this I would need consent from a parent or guardian. Also another code is 10.02 that involves family I feel that is another code that would be directly associated to what I would like to do. The reason that I say this for example a family has been removed from a abusive home and the family has asked me for therapy.
Select and provide the number for one ethical requirement that applies specifically to psychological research and briefly summarize the standard.
The ethical requirement that I chose was 8.10 Reporting Research Results. In this the standards are not to fabricate data that has been collected in a research project and if they discovers any errors that they be responsible enough to correct the error or if the research is published already to retract the or correct the error in the publication.
Explain why this requirement may not apply to a therapy situation.
Some Psychologist may write papers, not all do. So I believe that this code does not apply to the a therapy situation. In therapy a report may be written for a clients folder it is not a publication. Files are confidential, and files are there to help with understanding and a reminder of treatments and a brief synapses of what was said in a session.
Sharon Runnalls

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