To prepare

Review the Learning Resources focusing on the risk factors that could lead to criminal behavior.
Examine the Risk Assessment Template in the Learning Resources.
Choose a case study from the Week 3 Case Studies which you did not use for the Discussion.

To complete
In a 3- to 5-page paper:

Summarize the case.
Identify demographics and risk factors (e.g., acute, direct, proxy, short and long-term) that are present in the case that contribute to the subject becoming a victim or offender.
Identify and evaluate the risk factors that are prone to influence a person, once they have committed their first crime, to continue engaging in criminal behavior. For victims of crime, identify and evaluate factors that would facilitate continued victimization.
Explain if there is a correlation between risk factors and the types of crimes that are likely to occur.
Rate the subject (Scale of 1–10) as to how likely is it that he/she will commit a crime or become a victim.
Include supporting evidence of your conclusions.

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