Robert Martinson

In 1974, Robert Martinson published his famous “nothing works” essay in which he argued that correctional treatment programs were ineffective. Since that time, considerable research has accumulated that has challenged this assertion. In light of the existing evidence, assess the role that rehabilitation should play as a component of the correctional enterprise.  In your answer, address specifically the following issues. 
 • Review Robert Martinson’s (1974) article and what he concluded. 
• Discuss the evidence that emerged to challenge this nothing works view. IN particular, what role did meta-analysis play? What did it show was the overall effect of treatment on recidivism? Importantly, what did this research show about the heterogeneity of treatment effects? 
• Discuss the principles of effective intervention. Why are these important?
 • Is “restorative justice” an effective approach?  Is it “rehabilitative”? 
• Why might early intervention be an area that correctional policy might become concerned with?
 • Review the research on public opinion and on whether the public supports the rehabilitation off offenders.  In writing your examination, you should divide it into sections with headings. Center and bold all main headings. If you use side headings, place them flush left, bold, and italicized

APA format, no plagarisim, 6 full body pages minimum, Be sure to answer each question 

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