sales and marketing

Activity 1:  Presentations of Infographics on Marketing
Students present their Infographics to their small group. Hang Infographics together for the group and put a sign with the group name over them.
Activity 2: Jig Saw on the 4 Ps
Students work together in their team to become experts on one of the 4 Ps.  Each team has a different P.


Students research their “P” using library resources, Internet, and outside sources such as experts they call or visit. The research should be thorough and at an expert level.
Design a presentation poster or infographic to use to teach others about the “P”. This must be electronic so that it can be sent to each member of the class.
When all groups have completed their presentation, groups are mixed so that one expert for each “P” is together in a temporary learning group.
In the new groups, each expert takes turn teaching the rest of the group about the “P” they have researched.
When all members are done, students return to their original team.
Activity 3:  Case Study – Samsonite
In the marketing teams, read and analyze the Samsonite case study. From the case determine the following:

What are the 4 Ps for Samsonite in this new marketing strategy?
What factors ignited this move for Samsonite?
What did they have to do differently?
What were the results?
How  does marketing have to change to reach a new market segment?


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