salesperson evaluation

  You  are to go to any retail establishment  or sales situation and evaluate an individual salesperson. Examples of  possibilities include a waiter/waitress, salesperson at specialty store  such as GameStop or Best Buy, salesperson at a services store like  Verizon, or even a car salesperson. You are not  to let them know that you are evaluating them – you are to act as a  normal customer and take mental notes on how they do , go to a  salesperson, evaluate the salesperson,  tell your feelings on how well they did, talk about what they did right  and what they did wrong, and elaborate on  how you would have made the experience better. 
The paper should detail a number of things:
1) What company the salesperson works for and what position they held. I DO NOT want to know their name.
2) A quick explanation of the sales encounter (how they approached you, interacted with you, etc.)
3) Your evaluation of what they did correctly and what they did wrong. Use personal feelings in this matter if you wish.
4) What you would suggest to the salesperson on how to improve their interaction with you

However, you  should have a much greater knowledge of sales and thus be able to be a  bit more discerning. At the end of your evaluation, talk about how your  view of salespeople and what they are trying  to do has changed since your first evaluation. 

– No plagiarism! 
– Double-spaced
– 12 pt Arial font
– 3 pages of text. (Half of the third page does not count)
– Due in 12 hours

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