Sammy’s Behavior

Sammy is observant and watches everything that goes on in the store while he cashiers because the Job can get a little boring and he can also by easily distracted y something. His observations, so marvelously acute and precisely and delightfully expressed” (WEB) When these girls walk in, he becomes very observant. He notices the patterns of the bikinis they are wearing. He also notices the way one of them has the strings on the top. Once they start to talk, he fgures out who is the leader. He calls her queenie, and he is very fond of her. He notices by the way she is walking and talking that no doubt she is the leader and the other two are her followers. Sammy is different but acts like a normal cashier in this story.
He is not important and does not stand out compared to his coworkers. Sammy wants the girls to notice him, so he feels the need to try to be different. “Sammy notices the gulf between them; the only way he can get them to notice him to differentiate himself from what he sees, through their eyes as the provincialism of the small town that insists on “decent dress” in its supermarket. ” (126) He wants to stand out from the rest of the people in the store, such as, customers and coworkers. He calls this coworker a drone and customers sheep, which is very different and strange.
Not many normal teens do that, and nothing makes Sammy any more special than the rest of the people in the store. Sammy is dissatisfied and quits his Job. “Sammy is not frustrated because he cannot woo queenie but because of the length of time because of the time he has been working at the supermarket and his daily encounters with customers. ” (Web) His manager decides to tell the girls something about the way they are dressed. Sammy thinks his manager disrespected them, he stands up for them and quits. He is hoping the girls would notice and like it but they do not notice.

Sammy becomes very dissatisfied with his decision when he walks outside and notices the girls are gone. Then again, he did not really like the Job anyway, considering he realized this opened up a door for new opportunities. Sammy starts to think about his decision more and more, wondering if he has made the right choice. At the end of this story, he is a different Sammy. He became were worth quitting for. He thought by being different he would have gotten their attention. He also thought he would have been satisfied with his decision, but he begins to question his decision.

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