Samsung vs. Apple: New Foundation and Platform

This paper is based on the article titled ‘Samsung vs Apple, The Battle for Design Dominance’ written by Haydn Shaughnessy and retrieved from www. forbes. com. The article is about Samsung vs Apple executing a new foundation and platform for business strategy. This is a key change in the business strategy of the software organization. This material is very important and relevant to the course content of business strategy because of the following reasons: ? It talks about business strategy of one of the leading cell phone organization in the country and how it is changing its business strategy to adapt to the changing environment. It helps us understand the importance of change in business strategy with changing times. ?It talks about computation and new business strategy which includes Social strategy, platform strategy and radical adjacencies. This helps us understand the change a new business strategy brings in any organization. There are also many practical managerial implications of this material: It talks about the social media strategy of Samsung battle with Apple and how their new design studio has the ability to bring software and hardware together in a new way.

It gives us an idea about how important it is to get the demographics write on the social media and adapt or strategy accordingly. Secondly the article also helps us understand the importance of Samsung and platform in a banking organization further emphasizing on good quality software. Thirdly, it stresses on the importance of radical changes in operations to adapt to the changing markets, which can be the only survival strategy. ARTICLE RETRIVED FROM http://www. forbes. com/sites/haydnshaughnessy/2013/03/17/samsung-vs-apple-when-design-thinking-came-to-town/2/ /

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