See instructions – Answer question 1 and 2

MODULE TWO: DISCUSSION INSTRUCTIONS Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:Brian Mockenhaupt’s feature article, “The Living and the Dead”Daphne Merkin’s commentary, “Portrait of a Lady and Social Animal and We’re all Helmut Newton Now”Chris Jones’s biography, “The Big Book”Initial Response: If you haven’t done so already, please read the “Learning Unit” within the “Module Two: Introduction” because you need to have an understanding of the literary nonfiction forms and characteristics to participate in the discussion. For this initial response, you will notice some overlap between this week’s active reading homework and this discussion board. Before you begin the discussion, be sure to actively read the essays by Mockenhaupt, Merkin, and Jones. In your initial discussion board post, answer the following items:1. Identify the literary nonfiction forms that the writers employ within each reading. See Slide 7 in the Module 2’s “Learning Unit” for more help with the literary nonfiction forms. After you identify the literary nonfiction forms, provide some reasoning for how you arrived at those answers. 2. What are this week’s readings trying to teach us? Reveal to us? What are the lessons that we can gain from the readings? Remember: when reading great writing, you are on a quest for meaning AND your are trying to figure out how that meaning is happening!

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