Shoe Polish Out of Banana Peelings

The Science Investigatory Project determines the possibility of the variety of banana peelings as shoe polish cream.
This variety of banana feelings compared on each other, however the banana peelings of lacatan were the most effective. Then it was compared to the commercial shoe polish in terms of effectiveness using the acceptability test. And this test resulted that banana peelings as floor wax had no significant difference to commercial shoe polish. We therefore conclude that banana peelings of Lacatan showed potential to be an alternative shoe polish cream. ii Acknowledgement First, we would like to thank the Almighty God for the guidance and lessings that he gave us for to accomplish this project. We would also thank our parents that gave their support and permission in whenever we are doing this project. To our fellow classmates, Nico Solitana and Harold Huet, in helping and gave us some suggestion and information about in our project. And lastly, we would like to give our warm gratitude to our teacher in Physics, who gave way for us to accomplish and finish our project successfully.

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