Short discussion

Styles and Roles discussion
Post a couple of paragraphs here about how you learn best and what things you need in order to do your best collaboration. Do you think you have a specific learning style, or so you have stronger or weaker abilities? Discuss what role you think you think would be the best fit for you on a team, and what you think everyone on the team can do, regardless of their style or ability, to achieve their best work.

This discussion could help you and your editorial team create your team contract, which is due by the end of this week. To earn full points for this required discussion, you must find at least one of your final project team members’ posts and add a thoughtful reply. 
Before you post in this discussion (by Tuesday) look for a post from any of your other team members — remember you can find the list of all your team members in your Canvas team work space, under the team “people” tab”. If you see one of your team members’ posts in this discussion, post your response as a reply; if you don’t see any of your team mates’ posts in this discussion yet, start a new thread with your response. In either case, check back into this discussion later in the week and add a reply to at least one other post. 

around 300 words

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