Should Nurses Disclose Hiv Status Health And Social Care Essay

Globally human life is exposed to a premier threat of deathly HIV virus which has halted 35 million people to decease and 34 million were populating with HIV boulder clay 2011. In the recent epoch, augmented figure of I.V drug users, insecure blood transfusion and multiple sex spouses are considered high hazards for HIV transmittal, on the contrary fright of stigmatisation, deficiency of credence in the community and effects on sexual relationship are some critical factors which hinder revelation of HIV position and advancing rapid spread of HIV among vulnerable people. Continuing the secretiveness of HIV position means endangering others life. Should the septic one hazard the life of others? I assert that unwraping HIV position to sexual spouses and household will diminish hazard of HIV transmittal, better entree to medical intervention and increased chances to societal and moral support for the patient.
Advocates argue that the foremost of import benefit of unwraping HIV position to sexual spouse and household is to cut down the hazard of transmittal. Although to make up one’s mind when and how to portion the dismaying HIV positive position is hard but after the revelation, sexual spouses and household members become watchful to cognize their ain HIV position. To command HIV epidemics, Voluntary HIV proving and unwraping can efficaciously cut down hazard behaviours among vulnerable persons ( WHO, 2004 ) . Besides that, the most dynamic effect of Sharing HIV position with sexual spouse is involvement in preventative sexual behaviour. Sexual spouse become interested to cognize the different path of HIV transmittal to follow preventative schemes. We know that despite of the singular promotion in the field of medicine no vaccinums are available for HIV. However, the merely defensive tool is to affect the vulnerable population in precautional behaviours. Research based literatures have concluded that after unwraping HIV position the most frequent preventative behaviour followed by testing is addition in the usage of rubbers ( Lauretta et al, 2010 ) . Furthermore, in the survey of Niccolai, Dorst, Myer & A ; Kissinger ( 1999, as cited in Lauretta et al. , 2010 ) it was concluded that the usage of rubber among those who havenaa‚¬a„?t unwrap their HIV position to sexual spouse was about 23 % comparison to 73 % among those who have disclosed.
The advocates besides claim that unwraping HIV increase the inclination towards better intervention chances. Normally in our ain cultural context after sharing any alarming diagnosing, non merely patient but customarily his close relations remain in battle to place such intervention centre which is easy accessible and cost effectual. Besides, those who have already suffered from the same disease shared their experiences and battles for intervention which become helpful in designation of different agencies to acquire rid of the disease. During my clinical in civil infirmary Karachi, I have encountered two HIV positive immature patients. The parents of both patients knew the diagnosing and the male parent of one patient despite of limited income shifted his boy to Aga khan university infirmary for quality intervention. Certain intervention like HAART therapy if received in initial phase can cut down the lay waste toing consequence of HIV virus. HAART therapy decreases the patterned advance of HIV to AIDS by 86 % ( Sterne et al. , 2005 ) . Early designation, revelation and entree to intervention are good for the better forecast of any disease. Instrumental, informational, emotional and fiscal advantages can be achieved to better entree to medicine through unwraping HIV position to supportive web ( Waddell & A ; Messeri, 2006 ) . In the survey of Waddell & A ; Messeri ( 2006 ) it was concluded that those who did non concealed their HIV positive position from any family member the average odds of intervention was 0.64 with a high support while those who did non unwrap their Status the average odds of intervention was 0.21. In add-on, different researches have proved the relationship between the effectivity of antiretroviral therapies and HIV forecast. About 80 % of patients are now alive 10 old ages after sero-conversion due to ART ( Oppenheim, 2009 ) . HIV marks CD4 immune cells of the organic structure finally decreases the opposition power of the organic structure and the rate of timeserving infections like Tuberculosis ( TB ) addition. Preventing the patient signifier these timeserving infections can better life quality of HIV persons. In 2010 among 34 million instances of HIV worldwide, 1.1 million instances in sub-Saharan Africa were estimated holding HIV related TB ( Suthar et al. , 2010 ) . To command the overpowering effects of HIV /AIDS revelation facilitate entree to the support commissions. There are different organisations in different states working for bettering the life criterion of HIV patients, for illustration Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association ( 2008 ) supply aid to 300 HIV single yearly in the signifier of money, medicine, occupations, lodging, and instruction in Alaska ( USA ) .

Unwraping HIV position seems helpful to acquire societal and emotional support from household. Not unwraping oneaa‚¬a„?s HIV position is striping patient from psychological support which is possible to be achieved through revelation. Family members, friends and equal group become more sort and credence is increased. While believing about and protecting self from the negative reaction ( e.g. favoritism, rejection, and stigmatisation ) from the community, HIV patient attempt to maintain their position secrete with a fright that if my household come to cognize about the diagnosings what will be the effects? It becomes the cause of societal isolation and produces bad impacts like emphasis, depression and low self-pride. But revelation increases societal support, household credence and beef up relationships between patients and household ( WHO, 2004 ) . These positive attacks from the household non merely cut down stress degree but besides the instrumental, moral and fiscal support from household increases the degree of self-esteem. The important others of the HIV positive patient facilitate induction and attachment to HIV intervention. Harmonizing to Norman, Chopra & A ; Kadiyala ( 2006 ) revelation of HIV position can enable the activation of household or community support web and cut down morbidity through better psychological direction.
Oppositions argue that HIV position of patient should non be disclosed because unwraping the diagnosing consequences in stigmatisation and patients feel fright of rejection in household and community. Furthermore, oppositions besides claim that HIV positive patients are discriminated in the society, their rights of confidentiality are violated and revelation to sexual spouse affects sexual relationship. Due to the mentioned grounds oppositions support to maintain the diagnosing in secretiveness.
Protecting others from catching disease is ethical and moral duty of every person. To diminish the opposition and increase credence of HIV positive patient, cumulative attempt are needed to convey a drastic alteration in people perception through verbally pass oning guidance and through engagement of media. As a nurse it is our premier duty to aware the people about HIV and alter the perceptual experience of people about HIV persons. Oppositions besides argue that revelation consequence sexual relationship but one time the position is shared with the sexual spouse does non intend that sexual activities can non be continued any longer. There are alternate preventative steps like usage of rubbers and serosorting to forestall the hazard of transmittal. In peculiar survey HIV positive drug users after sharing their position with their sexual spouses they were experiencing more comfy and relax with a lower anxiousness degree about HIV transmittal ( Julianne, Daniel, Sarah & A ; Tinal, 2005 ) . Evidences exist that reding can assist to increase the frequence of revelation to sexual spouse. The effects of guidance was evaluated by a cohort surveies with the result of 56-65 % revelation rate among those who attended six reding session comparison to those who attended three Sessionss and did non unwrap their position ( Scaly et al. , 2012 ) .
To reason, being the member of a wellness attention squad we can play a function of pedagogue, counsellor, and advocate. We can cut down the incidence of HIV transmittal by bettering the degree of instruction to allow the people know the path of its transmittal and bar. Today as a nurse we can play function to urge such policies which could cut down the stigma and demand to ease HIV persons morally, emotionally, and socially to guarantee more revelation of HIV position.

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Should Nurses Disclose Hiv Status Health And Social Care Essay
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