So you think you can teach

Use the research you gather on the TCAP to formulate your journal response. Your journal response must contain four paragraphs and be approximately one page in length. Although APA format is not required for a journal, correct spelling and grammar are expected, so be sure to utilize the Proofreading & Editing Strategies (Links to an external site.) resource in the Ashford Writing Center.
In your response, please address the following:
Paragraph 1 – Phase 1: Goal Setting

What information provided in the So You Think You Can Teach! webinar had the biggest impact on you personally?
Mention two to three points you took away from the presentation that gave you greater insight into the teaching profession.

Paragraph 2 – Phase 2: Understanding the Certification Process

What steps have you already taken to determine if teaching is the right fit? Give two to three specific examples. How do you feel about the steps which are still required of you?

Paragraph 3 – Phase 3: Researching Alternative Certification Programs

What is the most important information you learned regarding state testing requirements to become a teacher and why?
What was the most important information you learned regarding alternative certification and why?

Paragraph 4 – Phase 4: Learning About Your State Requirements

Which state requirements do you feel most confident about and why?
Which state requirements are you most concerned about and why?
What points are still unclear to you?
When do you plan to make an appointment with a Career Services College of Education Liaison to discuss the points above? How will this benefit you?

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