soci 1520 ch 13

Question 1:
Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality (Bullard)

Please discuss at least two reasons pollution seems to impact minority communities in the South.
The article discusses institutional racism. Can you identify what that is and how it impacts the amount of pollution in those areas?
What other social factors were mentioned in the article besides “just race” in the environmental crisis of this area?
What does the article state are the reasons civil rights groups haven’t gotten involved in this environmental problem of the South? 

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soci 1520 ch 13
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Question 2:
Problems of Place: The Southern Californian Sprawl

Define urban sprawl and explain how the people of Los Angeles stay connected geographically to this area.
Discuss why so many people have moved to this area in the last 40 years. What are the reasons the suburbs have been created?
Where does the map (Slide 5) show that most of the building growth has taken place and why?
What are some positive reasons to live in this area? And what are the environmental negative consequences described by these slides?
If you worked for an environmental protection agency, what would you say is the most important pollution problem of that area? What solutions do you propose?

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