Social Mobilization and Political development

Karl Wolfgang Deutsch is a professor of International Peace in Stanfield. Being a great Social Scientist, he was able to come up with an innovative concept on fundamental issues that discusses aspects of nationalism, political integration and political disintegration that occurs within and among many states which have been found to be applicable. He was able to link the concepts of evidence in theory that which are sought to be most preferably systematic and quantitative.
In his concept of social mobilization, he defined it to be a process wherein people become deracinated from their ethnicity and turn out to be obtainable for innovative models of communication and behavior and he renowned quantitative pointers to consider it in most countries of the world.
He was bale to show how such a process would become a precedent to uplift the probability of what he termed as political integration among the citizens who had been sharing one language, one tradition, and one basic concept of social institution whereas it speed up the factors that causes the disintegration of countries wherein citizens do not have the same characteristics. Thus his research and study in effect became enlightenment to the social influences that paved way to the decomposition of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and also to the unification of the people of Germany in the history of the modern world.

In his study, he was aloe able to establish the specific working conditions for political integration founded on his concept on the “security communities” which was greatly manifested in the North Atlantic countries. He identifies that the concepts in the political process that occurred in Europe and in the Atlantic as an integration that occurred through a series of conditional hypotheses which he attempted to examine through a quantitative proof having empirical evidences.
In the article Deutsch argued that social mobilization is not merely a matter of having a series of changes that occur in a society among people. Rather, it should be understood to be a process that involves historical accounts and is related to economic developments wherein circumstances are clearly identified and are happening in a recurrent manner that are applicable in most countries which are found to be relevant in the field of politics.
Therefore, Social Mobilization should be understood to be as a process that occurs to a large quantity of individuals in a society that goes through the process of modernization wherein there is an introduction of the concepts of innovative technology, practices that are non traditional, advanced practices, and changes in their economic life and that which these are deemed applicable and practicable in their lives that such shall be accepted. It should not be misconstrued to be in paralleled with the process of modernization as a whole.
Social mobilization brings along with it the consequences where it deals with some periodic clusters history and tradition. These consequences would therefore imply that such a process would definitely sacrifice such recurrent clusters where it would eventually bring conflict of interest socially of political interest in the process.
This is the process involved in social mobilization where in there is a process of breaking down and erosion of the major clusters of the old social, economic, psychological commitments of the citizens making them ready for new models and patterns of behavior and socialization through the process of communication.
Deutsch pictured such process to be a major step of any society aiming towards full development. He addressed such issues through the test using real situations of states and many countries. He was able to construe the concepts involved in these series of changes which now are made available to many states and countries a s a theoretical basis for social mobilization.
Deutsch, K.W. (1961). Social Mobilization and Political Development. The American Political  Science Review, Vol. 55, No. 3 (Sep., 1961), pp. 493-514

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