Social Networking

English Argumentative Essay Social Networking Most of the people around us today rely on and use social networking, so it has become so famous throughout the world. It includes social websites such as facebook and twitter. I believe that social networking is pretty useful in our daily lives. Easy and quick communication between others is offered through social networking. Nowadays, people prefer using some social networking websites to communicate with each other since it’s more effective and much easier.
For example, if someone is in a foreign country and wanted to communicate with his/her friends and family, that person would use facebook or twitter to chat or even webcam with them. If we rely only on television for world news, then we wouldn’t catch up and our knowledge about that news would be limited. Like television, social networking provides news about everything around us, but the only difference is that social networking allows the person to control and organize the news.
Let’s say that a new invention was explored and you didn’t have time or missed it when it aired on the television, you can simply go to a certain social networking website and search for that invention or easily ask your friends about it online. Social networking is an effective way to make new friends. Since a lot of people rely on social networking, each user of a certain website gains a friend or two occasionally.

For example, making new friends on Facebook is as easy as a click. By that, people can improve their social skills effectively. Some people might argue that in order to use social networking, you should use laptops or mobile devices which costs money and uses a lot of electricity. To an extent, it’s true that using social networking is costly for some people, but it’s worth every penny because of its various advantages stated earlier.
Social networking, in my opinion, is an essential addition to most people around the world since it provides quick and easy communication between others, it allows people to access and acknowledge world news instantly, and it’s effective for making new friends. I advise people who don’t have an account on any social networking websites to make one and make use of all its advantages!

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