Sociological Book Anlysis FAMILY AND MARRIAGE CLASS

You will need to write a 5 page book analysis linking the book you have chosen to the topics we have discussed in this course. The report should be 5 pages long, double spaced, 12 point font.  Below is the rubric for the analysis – you will be graded on providing an appropriate short summary of the book, and on the subsequent sociological analysis
You should link the book to at least one key theme we have studied in class, but you may use up to 2 themes in your paper. I will be looking for an in-depth analysis of the theme as it is portrayed in the book, rather than a superficial mention of topics that are present. In order to make that evidently clear, I ask that you underline each topic you introduce. (see below for an example)
For example, in many of the books, family violence is heavily featured – you could choose to discuss how the violence is portrayed in the book and compare it to the data we learned on violence in the class.  Or perhaps, you could see how the issue of infidelity is portrayed in the book versus what we know of prevalence and impact of infidelity on marriages today.

Grading for book analysis – 80 points

10 points summary

explanation of the plot of the book – content of the summary
noting the key sociological concept you will write about

35 points sociological analysis

good use of sociological language and terms
good application of the sociological concept to the novel
specific examples and evidence of sociological concept
underlined sociological terms in the paper
not generalizing about one culture based on thebook you have read 

35 points quality of paper

Good introduction – reason for reading the book and lead up into analysis
Good conclusion that ties together the paper
Coherence – paper flows smoothly and sections feed into one another
Correct usage of tenses and grammar
Lack of repetition


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