This assignment is designed for students to illustrate that they understand the different agents of socialization.  
This assignment allows students to think about how these agents of socialization have influence their lives and developing original examples to illustrate the influence.  
This assignment will also allow students to show the understanding of sociological terminology (agents of socialization, socialization, social expectations). 

Task: Students will need to respond the following questions using complete sentences and original examples. 

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Choose two agents of socialization that have had a significant impact on your life.  Make sure to explain what the term agents of socialization in your own words.  

Explain the impact that both of your chosen agents of socialization have had on your life. Your explanation should include concrete examples as to how both of your chosen agents of socialization have impacted your life.   
How did both of your chosen agents of socialization pass on social expectations to you? Your response should define the term social expectation–in your own words. Your response needs to include specific examples from both of your chosen agents of socialization and needs to be thoroughly explained.

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