watch  Beauty and the Beast  

Give a brief summary of the film, explaining details as they are relevant to your topic. (You can use material from the assignments you have already turned in.)

Describe the culture of the main characters in this film? Is the culture in this film a patriarchy? Why or why not? Can you find examples of sexual harassment in this film?
How does the culture define the appropriate female role? Male role? Which characters fulfill these roles and which do not? How do the characters make sense of those who do not fulfill these roles?  How does this film help to socialize the viewer into particular norms relating to the roles of man/woman, participant in a romantic relationship, member of a family? What would a child seeing this film learn about these roles?

What is a stereotype? Define and give at least three examples of stereotyping in this film. Do these stereotypes serve to perpetuate inequalities? If so, how?

Describe how a functionalist, symbolic interactionist and conflict theorist would explain the conflicts that occur in this film: between Belle + Gaston, between Gaston + Belle’s father, between Gaston + the Beast?

Stepping outside of the film, how does this story, these characters and these conflicts reflect the current power structure of the dominant society? Are there characters who reflect groups not in power in our society? How are their stories told?

 This is an  individual assignment requiring each student to write and submit a paper analyzing the film by addressing the assigned concepts and questions. I encourage you to use ideas from group discussion, but your written answers should be your own.  Remember that the goal of this project is to use the film to analyze sociological topics. In addition to specifically addressing the assigned questions, think about how your film reflects your reality: is it accurate? Is it an instance of the media socializing viewers? What did you learn (sociologically or otherwise) from thinking about the film in this way? 

 1,Specifically addresses all assigned questions and topics. 

2, For each assigned topic/question, uses course material to analyze film. 

3,For each assigned topic/question, uses specific details from film to support and illustrate analysis. 

4,Links analysis together with an overall theme and includes observations about how analysis of this film helps us to better understand society. 

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