Soups Economic Review

In order to get feedback on their best Investment bets to verse industry’ s steady decline and increase company’ s profits by 3% next year. Industry sales have been decreasing. Some categories, such as “dry soups”, “ready to serve broth”, “refrigerated soups”, “frozen soups” and “deli soups”, are growing. The declining trend of the industry relies essentially in decreasing sales of the two largest categories: “ready-to-serve wet soup” and “condensed wet soup“. The most profitable category Is the RET. Barbarian has 60% share of the RET market with RET ‘s soups and broths providing 78% of the dolls ‘s sales; 86% of Its profit.

These mature products, however, are facing a decline In sales (1-2% per year In S, and 2-3% In volume). Nevertheless, Barbarian Is the market leader in this category and price increases over the last years had helped to keep profit declining as much as sales. Target products to baby boomer generation (largest and brand loyal segment); lead these changes in market trends that are being reflected in rapidly increasing sales of convenient categories; Maintain shelf-space and Increase partnerships with retailers.

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