Speak and Inspire Review

You will want to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions of what bad habits do you have that you need to work on. It is a great idea as well to call upon some friends or associates for feedback. Make a list for yourself of things that come to mind and then be brave enough to call up at least 3 friends and ask them to help you with your list – assure them that you really want their trusted feedback and that there will be no hurt feelings. By now you might be feeling pretty bad about yourself, but don’t. This is an incredible opportunity to make some improvements for yourself and for your business. By doing this exercise you’ll be in the top 10% of successful go-getters.

Take a look at your list and decide on 3 habits to focus on for the next 30 days and set out to make small changes that will support you to break your un-serving and bad habits.The fact that you are willing to look at the habits you need to change and then implementing a plan to change them says a lot about the success that lies ahead for you and will greatly build your confidence one good habit at a time.

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Speak and Inspire Review
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