Statement of Purpose Critique Essay

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My association with computers began long before students of my age could lay their hands on one. I have always been deeply interested in technology. The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question, is what I find most appealing about Computer Engineering. Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, I believe, leads to a constant learning process. This approach adds to the already immense potential for innovation that exists in this field .
My aim for applying to the Master’s program in Computer Engineering is to train myself to be a software and network analyst in the Information Technology industry. My long term objective is to venture into technology management consultation. I envision myself leading a team helping organizations to develop strategies through efficient technology management and planning. A Masters in Computer Science in The Lamar University would be the crucial step in achieving my goal. My interest and curiosity in computers grew when we got a computer in our house at the time when I was merely five. I played my first computer game on DOS when I was only six.
I remember I was very inquisitive when the game did not run. A computer found its way into our house at a time when these machines were hardly available at work places. I was exhilarated when our school offered us computers as a subject during my third grade. Seeing my dedication, my teachers encouraged me to help them conduct practical sessions for my class. I ranked first in the primary section of the school for ‘Computers’. My knowledge of computers not only helped me academically but also helped in numerous other projects which I participated in and won during my entire school life.

My proficiency with computers and immense interest in the subject, right from the early stages of my life, prompted me to pursue studies in the field of computers. After completing my high school education, I secured admission in one of the best junior colleges in the city of Mumbai (South Indian Education Society’s college of Arts and Science) for a two year course leading to a Higher Secondary Certificate in Science conferred by the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education. After securing an excellent score in junior college, I gained an admission to Computer Engineering program at the Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (L.
T. C. O. E) of Mumbai University. My eventful life at L. T. C. O. E began when I delivered my first Technical Paper Presentation on Computer aided Language Learning during the technical festival, “TechZephyr”. During the course of the next year, Nanotechnology and DNA computing was gathering momentum as a new technological advance in the field of computing and data storage. I was curious to know about this new technology so I attended a national level seminar on “New Trends in Nanotechnology” after which I presented a paper on the same at the IEEE Technical Paper Presentation at my college.
L. T. C. O. E provided me with a lot of opportunities to demonstrate my leadership and managerial capabilities. I had the opportunity to organize many events at our annual Sports festival and the cultural festival of my college, “Zephyr”. My interest and proficiency in creating and managing database applications, gave me the opportunity to consolidate the entire L. T. C. O. E alumni database and create an FTP server which is compartmentalized according to departments providing a secure access to students so as to access and maintain the databases easily.
In the fifth semester, I designed an integrated chat and organizer in JAVA which was praised by many of my professors. I have also assisted in developing an Information Management System for efficient event management and data retrieval for my college library. For my final year project, we assisted ABM Knowledgeware Pvt. Ltd. in creating its flagship software, the MAINet ™ Enterprise which is successfully implemented in the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation) and the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) .
It was decided that our task is to create a front-end based on Visual Basic and Java for authentication server module of the MAINet ™ Enterprise. The MAINet ™ Enterprise is an integrated suite of application products to manage the complete working of a typical municipal corporation of any size. It encompasses every department of a municipal corporation. The MAINet ™ is a system, which provides a real-time information management of all the departments, ward offices, division offices and other field offices.
The key objectives of our project was to empower the citizen by creating Citizen interfaces which provide them with single window operations , hassle-free interactions, time bound service delivery and transparency in operations of corporation. It would also assist the Corporation for effective and efficient administration and to provide better service to citizens and allow better monitoring and control of revenues and expenses along with seamless flow of information and performance monitors at individual level.
After completing my graduation in Computer Engineering, I took a keen interest in computer networks and information security . In the ensuing months I completed my Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) and Cisco Certified Networking Professional(CCNP) followed by Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert(CCIE) Written exam and prepared for the CCIE lab examination. During the time that I spent as a student in the college I feel that I have learnt many new concepts and put them into application. After careful introspection, I am determined to become a successful entrepreneur to benefit society through the use of technology.
After studying various activities of many top universities of the US, I found that the faculty, research activities and facilities at the Lamar University are best suited for my interests. Therefore, I feel that after gaining all the technical knowledge, I must now build up my entrepreneurial and managerial skills, and I feel that the MS in Computer Science program at The Lamar University has the right mix of software and information security along with hardware which will drive me towards my goal.
Moreover, the facilities, scholarship, and traditions of The Lamar University, combined with the caliber of the student’s body, make me confident that I will be stimulated throughout the course of my studies. Upon graduating from Lamar University, a variety of options are available for pursuing my objectives. Pursuing a graduate degree in the field of Computer Engineering with tireless concentrated efforts and unshakeable dedication will surely drive me towards my goal. Harshal Naik

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