2 TASK DESCRIPTION: WRITTEN REPORT There are two datasets involved in this assignment: Dataset 1 and Dataset 2, detailed below. Dataset 1: You will receive an email that contains a dataset that is specifically allocated to you. This dataset is a subset of an International Airlines, Operated Flights and Seats to and from Australia sample file, provided by the Australian Government Open Data and has been edited to only include a subset of the cases and variables. The original dataset can be obtained from 4cbb-bd0b-206d338ca06c/download/international_airline_activity_opfltsseats.csv and it is under the license of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia. Data dictionary of the edited dataset is given in the following table. Variable Description Values In-Out Airlines comes in or goes out I for in and O for out Australian City Which Australian city airline lands or Flies out. Australian city names International City Which international city airline lands or flies out International city names Airlines Name of the airline Name of the airline Route Via which airport airlines flies Short forms of various airports Port country Which country airlines belongs to Name of the country Port Region Which region airline be to Service country Which country do the service Country name Stops Number of stops airlines have 0,1,2 All Flights Number flight in or out in the month Number in integer Max seat Number of maximum seats Number in integer Year Which year Number in the year Month Number Which month Number of the month Dataset 2: Collect data (e.g. via a survey) that will answer research question given in section 3. There is no requirement about the number of variables, sampling methods and sample size, but you need to justify your approaches in Section 1 (see below). Both datasets should be saved in an Excel file (one file, separate worksheets). All data processing should be performed in Excel or Statkey ( Prepare a report in a document file (.doc or .docx) which includes all relevant tables and figures, using the following structure: 1. Section 1: Introduction a. Give a brief introduction about the assignment and search related Article and write a one paragraph of summary which should be a support for your assignment. You need to give the full citation of the article. b. Dataset 1: Give a short description about this dataset. Is this primary or secondary data? What are the types of variables involved? Explain briefly what are the possible cases used in this study. c. Dataset 2: Explain how you collect the data and discuss its limitation (e.g. whether your sample is biased). Is this primary or secondary data? What is/are the type(s) of variable(s) involved? Give a description of cases you consider for this data set. 2. Section 2: Analysis of single variable in Dataset 1 a. To answer the research question “What is the shape of the distribution of the variable All Flights?”, provide a suitable numerical summary and graphical display for the variables All Flight of Dataset 1. Give a detail comments to answer the research question. b. Now to answer the research question “Is the average number of flights came in and flew out to Australia in a month between September 2003 and September 2018 more than 30?” setup an appropriate hypotheses, perform hypotheses test by checking all the assumptions and answer the research question by writing the conclusion of the test. 3. Section 3: Analysis of two variables in Dataset 1 Sydney Airport has competition with its counterparts Melbourne and Brisbane. To identify which airport perform better find the answers for the following series of research questions and write good recommendations to Sydney Airport; a. Give numerical summary and appropriate graphical display for comparing the variables Australian city only for those three main cities and Airlines by considering  main three Airlines namely Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand and Cathy Pacific Airways. b. Perform a suitable hypothesis test at a 5% level of significance to test whether there is association between Australian City and Airlines by considering only those three cities and three airlines in the part (a). c. Use the conclusion and contribution of the test in part b and outputs in part a, write an accurate information about which Airport perform best. 4. Section 4: Collect and analysis Dataset2  You are interested in finding that KOI student have good experience in Flying in or  out through which airport in Australia specifically Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.  By considering appropriate number of cases and variable, give a proper graphical  display and use it to write a comments.  5. Section 5: Discussion & Conclusion a. Write and executive summary by combining all your findings in the previous sections which must be a valuable recommendation for Sydney Airport. b. Give a suggestion for further research 

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