Steps to Create Graphics

This would allow students to envision their own color schemes and not initially be influenced by the colors the model project incorporated. In order to understand the layout of the stage where their set design is intended for, displayed an image of a stage I created using Google draw. I also downloaded artwork from a disk sent to me from the company where we licensed the musical. This was saved and used as the original source of set design inspiration. Finally included in the collection was one Of the first steps of the unit; a pencil drawing of the set design which was also created by a student.
I scanned the document to my Macomb and saved it as a JEEP Audience The audience for this instructional unit consists Of 6th graders in my Theatre Arts class at Dutchmen Creek Middle School. The male population of the school is slightly larger at fifty-one percent, than that of the female population, which is approximately forty-nine percent. Fifty-eight percent of the learners are Caucasian. African American students comprise thirty-four percent, six percent is comprised of the Hipic population, and two percent is of the Asian ethnicity.
The students are enrolled in Theatre Arts for a nine week period before transitioning to another related arts course. The school overall has above level standardized test scores, been granted the Palmetto Gold Award for three consecutive years for growth in PASS testing and has been recognized for the prestigious National Schools to Watch award for the 2013-2014 school year. Gifted and talented classes are offered to students, including Geometry and English l, and more opportunities for direct instruction are offered via enrichment classes for remediation and additional academic assistance.

Furthermore, the students at Dutchmen Creek Middle School are provided with teachers who train in and implement collaborative instruction and project based learning activities that help to reach each type f learner and bridge learning making it relevant to the real world. Teams of instructional leaders work diligently to develop strategies to meet challenges the public education system faces today. Recently, the school received an “excellent” overall rating on their 2014 state report card.
Schools are given an absolute – or overall – rating, which is calculated using test scores and a growth rating which grades improvements made from the previous year to the current year. Additionally, the fine arts department performing groups consistently 3 receive superior ratings in Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Theatre and Visual Arts at tideway events. Process The process for this graphics collection, basically entailed 5 steps and are listed below: Step 1: Take a picture of the intended subject, download it and save it as a JEEP.
Email it or save it in Google drive where it can be accessed any time, anywhere. Step 2. In order to focus on the project, save the picture to a picture editing tool such as photo, click on the pencil which is the editing tool , click the “crop” button on the right hand side, move the automated square over the desired portion of the picture, and click on the “done” button. Save the picture by clicking on the “save as” from the file menu and label the picture using the word cropped so the original picture will stay intact.
Step 4: Transpose the edited picture to black and white, which will allow students to select their color schemes without being influenced by the model. Using photo, click on the on the “effects” button, select the “black and white” icon, and add the level 2 “vignette” option Step 5: Download An image of the original desired set design picture from the disc provided by the Wizard of Oz leasing company Tans-Whitman and save s a JEEP file. This served as the original 1st step in the set design unit.
Step 6: Creating an original image was accomplished through Google Draw, which is a feature of Google Drive, is very simple to use and utilizes the following steps: a) go to the website HTTPS://drive. Google. Com 4 b) Create a background. I chose to simulate stage lighting using different clip art and lighting streams. These are readily available on Google draw and can be inserted with a simple click of the mouse. C) Insert text using the “word art” feature simply by clicking on the insert Dutton, choose “word art”, type the appropriate words into the box provided and place it on top of the background.

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