Struggle Session

A struggle session was a form of public humiliation used by the Communist Party of Mao. When the struggle session began, the Red Guard used Labor camps, public humiliation, destruction of buildings or objects and corporal punishment to criticize the peoples who opposed to praise the great of Chairman Mao and rejected to publicize Maoism. And their targets were intellectuals, landowners and artists. For example, Ye qianyu was famous in Traditional Chinese painting. During the war, he led a group of artists to participate in the anti-Japanese propaganda of the Allied. So he was labeled “U. S. mperialism spies” by Red Guard. He is not only to accept the corporal punishment, but also to participate in the labor camp. Therefore, there were two different tendencies of artist when the struggle session began, Political fanaticism class and Creative Underground Class. For the Political fanaticism class, they responded to the call of Chairman Mao, followed by the Central Cultural Revolution combat deployment and the creation of works of art. Most of their works contained the elements about praise of the great achievements of the Cultural Revolution and Demonize “enemy” which means Capitalist roaders. Follow Chairman Mao and advance in the great storms and wave”, printed by Shen Yao Iraq. It was one of the most famous works in Cultural Revolution. It means the people in the revolution was irresistible and didn’t afraid of anything if they followed Chairman Mao. For the Creative Underground Class, most of the works was not related to the expression of the political intentions of the Cultural Revolution. The artist usually used landscapes to express their emotion. Huang Qiutuan and Shi Lu was the representative of this painter.

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