“Suburban America: Problems and Promises” summary

Please Review the documentary “Suburban America: Problems and Promises”. The summary should be 3 to 5 pages long, double spaced, and font size 10 to 12. 
The written assignment should be in the following format:
Paragraph 1: Give details on the documentary
o Title of documentary
o Intended audience
Paragraph 2: Explain the purpose of the documentary
o What is the purpose of the documentary?
o What is the main message the director wants to get across to the audience?
Paragraph 3: State your prior knowledge of the subject
o Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the documentary?
o What did you expect to see?
o What questions did you have in mind about the subject?
Paragraph 4: Summarize the documentary
o Who/What is the subject of the documentary?
o What is the documentary about? What are the main events (if any)?
o Where was it filmed?
Paragraph 5: Give personal comments and recommendations
o Which part of the documentary do you like most?
o What have you learned from it?
o Was there anything that surprised you?
o What are the drawbacks of the documentary?
o Would you recommend this documentary for future students taking this class?

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