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INDIVIDUAL ESSAY PAPER:  40% DUE DATE:  Midnight Saturday 1st December 2012 (Week 7) WORD LENGTH:  2500 words The paper should be written in an essay style and not like a business report, and is based on a case study of McDonald’s restaurants in six countries around the world. Each Student is randomly assigned one of the 6 chapters in Royle and Towers (2002) ‘Labour Relations in the Global Fast – Food Industry’. – This book can be accessed and read electronically via the RMIT Library website) OR   you may access the copies of each of these chapters that are placed here on Blackboard. The particular countries are: the United States, Germany, Netherland, Russia, Singapore and Australia Topic of Individual Essay •         You are required to read and analyse your assigned topic in your study time, and also to research further the topic from other sources. •         The questions you are to answer in essay form for your allocated country are : “1. What are the main elements (parties, laws, processes) of the industrial relations system of your allocated country? 2. Arising from these elements, what challenges exist for the global fast food companies in seeking to have a standard approach to HRM adopted internationally?
To answer this consider: a. What elements are compatible with the standard approach to HRM b. What elements work against the adoption of standardised methods of HRM in the fast food industry? Justify your answer. “ CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD CASE STUDY A good case analysis has the following qualities: •        focusing on the major themes of the case; •        linking the case to the theoretical framework discussed in the text or reading; •        addressing main issues or illustrating best practices; •        Referencing the work of others is critically important Turnitin Used        Trial the software before your final submission •        Avoid the last minute submission •        Re-submit next day if the first time it did not get through •        Do not contact your lecturer for any Turnitin problems Essay Guidelines 1. Use of consistent referencing style (Harvard system as described in RMIT Reference Guide); 2. a well structured essay contains introduction, body, conclusion and references with minimum headings; 3. and, remember that a 2,500 word limit applies. A 5% deduction in marks is made for each 10% over or under the word limit. A Good Essay 1.
Demonstrates that you carefully argue your case and the statements you make are justified with appropriate references; 2. shows that your discussion is grounded in the relevant field of research; 3. refers to cited materials, which are analysed in a critical and reflective manner; 4. and, cite scholarly journal papers, NOT Wikipedia or website materials without adequate academic citation Submission and Feedback •        Essay should be submitted into Turnitin by midnight of the due date. •        Late submissions will be automatically penalised at a rate of 10% of possible mark, per day late.

And assignments will not be accepted more than five days late. Extensions are not normally granted. However, in cases of exceptional and genuine hardship (not including inconvenience, poor planning, completing assignments for other courses, or pressure of work) limited extensions MAY be given. Applications should be made in writing to the Course Coordinator, 7 days before the due date for submission, and, where appropriate, a medical certificate should be provided. Such applications will be granted, or refused, in writing.        Feedback from lecturers is included in the marking sheets. •        All assignments must have a coversheet (blank copy attached) •        A signed Statement of Authorship (blank copy attached) is also to be given to your lecturer in class •        Ask your lecturer if they require a hard-copy submission of the essay or if soft-copy submission to Turnitin is sufficient. •         Requests for special consideration in the assessment of the final examination must be made before the examination takes place (See Student Information Booklet).
Marking criteria for individual essay Essays are marked according to two principles: o   First are matters of style: use of bibliographic conventions, style, grammar and spelling, and the organisation of the essay. o   Second are matters of content: amount of work in the essay, quality of arguments, application of theory and background knowledge to compare the pattern of HRM and the strategies and to evaluate them. Both are important, and the best essays are best on both measures. ____________________________________________________________ ESSAY EVALUATION: A. STYLE: 1. Reference List 2. Grammar and style 3. Structure of essay – Introduction – Organisation – Conclusion: B. CONTENT 4. Extent of research 5. Coherence of argument 6. Comprehension of theoretical principles 7. Application of principles to the proposals 8. Critical analysis is especially important Please keep a secure copy of your work until the final result for the course is given. PAPERS WHICH HAVE NO INTERNAL REFERENCING / NO REFERENCE LIST WILL NOT BE ASSESSED

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