SWOT Of Coca-Cola

Powered is a trademark of The Coca-Cola Company that is present in several countries of the world. It is one of the most recognized brands of moisturizer in the country. Is present in social networks with local accounts of: Twitter, Backbone, and Youth. The communication is defined in all their posts and photographs used. It is the official drink of the Ecuadorian soccer team. Currently the brand ambassadors, who are young athletes that is starting in different sport disciplines. Powered offers variety of flavors and attractive presentations for the consumer, who can make the decision based on your personal tastes.

Brand Name Widely Distributed Better Taste Reasonable Price
Interaction in social networks is low, only 20% of users are talking on backbone. Communication in Twitter is not constant, there are periods of time when there is no content. On Twitter is not achieved a good result with communication as not is this achieving the ART or FAA. Backbone cannot promote the posts with guideline since hey exceed 20% of the text in the chart, which reduces the possibilities of vaporization. Communication is only focused on athletes and the target group is not diversified to reach new consumers. Brand ambassadors do not interact directly in social networks to promote content on them or promote the brand. Online Marketing Unimpressive Commercials
New athletes require information on hydration, health and well-being, that Powered can become your counselor and support them to continue. The channels of distribution of the brand continue to grow. Consumers continue to seek new ways of consuming the product and new flavors, Powered can continue to innovate their flavors and presentations. Expand the Marketing A variety of segmentation Threats New hydrating beverage brands are introduced in the market. The target group of athletes is limited and does not cover the entire society. Many consumers are unaware of the property of hydrating beverages or as they can help them recover after exercise. Lack of knowledge of proper consumption of the product. Competition with Storage Substitute Drink By Jadeite

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