System Safety Engineering

System Safety Engineering.
Leveson, N. G. (2011). Engineering a safer world: Systems thinking applied to safety. Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A circuit for a high-power outlet is run through a door that shields the outlet. When the door is opened, the circuit breaker is broken and the power is disabled. Explain what type of control is this, and why? Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

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System Safety Engineering
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IV Case Study . 
1. Review the information in your textbook  (Leveson, 2011, pp. 75-100) related to the STAMP model. 
2.  Download the two peer-reviewed journal articles, located in the required reading section for this unit, from the CSU Library (Academic Search Complete database) and read both articles. 
3. Use the CSU APA-styled paper as a formatting template. Click here, to access the template:  
a. Compare and contrast the Construction Accident Causation model and the STAMP model.
b. Identify STAMP model features inherent within the Accident Causation Management System.
c. Describe the benefits and limitations of the STAMP model, the Construction Accident Causation model, and the Accident Causation Management System as each attempt to assist OSHA in the mission of addressing the aspect of human behavior within their respective designs.
4. Prepare a minimum three-page Case Study with no fewer than the three sources identified for the study.

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