Systems Analysis and Design essay

There are quite a few characteristics that are needed for the members of the ecommerce development team to be considered a highly-efficient unit that would contribute to the progress of the group. Among these said qualifications include the knowledge in specializing in electronic commerce technologies and related fields backed up with previous working experience in ecommerce processes. In addition, a good set of management and communication skills would provide the needed additional expertise in the company.
Most importantly, the ecommerce development team should have enough capacity to deal with the associated risks involved in design processes. This is because the ecommerce process highly involve a system of trial and error in implementing its strategies in which merits and de-merits are classified so as to pick up the correct strategy to be used by the group for further consideration.
Answer: b An aptitude in various languages is very important to obtain the required skills for a system analyst.

The candidate’s knowledge in software packages could ensure the company less training, which in turn, leads to more productivity. In addition, a candidate’s skill of picking up languages and software packages quickly could be considered as an asset for the company because of the great need in the industry for individuals who are highly capable of adapting to new technologies since innovation nowadays are extensive and fast-changing.
Answer: c Business understanding in the ecommerce development team is, certainly, an additional asset for the company.
Having managerial, communication, and strategic skills in business are positive characteristics that could contribute to the success of the design modeling processes. These business skills include planning, organizing, decision making, and scheduling which are highly needed for the company’s efficiency. Moreover, business skills bring about a certain amount of knowledge in handling the changes in management processes which are of great importance for the company since the transition period between the old system and the newer innovative strategies could be quite a challenge for many.
It is advised that the team should be composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, competencies and skills because that would provide the group a wider set of dynamics. The task requires several level of competencies to interact of which some part is related to planning and is trusted to the experienced professionals who have a balance of management and technical skills, and possess long drawn experience. Some part is related to design where middle level or fresh experienced personnel enters with large numerical abilities to codify the system requirements and usually does not require management skills (Sommerville, 2004).
Some part is related to support issues which are trusted to fresh graduates who are assigned to understand the various system support issues and does not require enough management experience. In conclusion, every task could only be executed competently if it is viewed from various points-of-view within the team and are carried out by a wide set of individuals with different levels of competencies.
Answer: e A system analyst should have the required confidence, command, articulateness, and assertiveness to be able to exercise influence and authority, and impart decisions strongly. Read about Evolution of Job Design
This would assure that the company carries out smoothly by eliminating conflicts which are caused by the lack of authoritativeness in the group. Also, every individual in the group should be a team player so as to promote proper work flow practice for the successful delivery of the process model.
Problem: 2
Answer: a Figure 1: Task List Figure 2: Gantt chart Figure 3: Task Evaluator Figure 4: The red lines denote the critical activities
Answer b) The task “write use cases” does not fall under the critical path so allotting less time for the task would not reduce the overall time at all.
The tasks or activities along the critical path determine the project timing and its finish. The time critical activities must be capitalized so as to reduce the overall time for the entire project.
Problem 3: Answer: a
Answer: b
Problem 4. 1
Answer: a Not all programs are compatible to every installation which is why this proposal cannot be fully accepted. Program configurations which work in some installations may not work similarly to others. However, there are some independent programs that functions in all installations and does not need specific configurations. Read about Evolution of Job Design
In this case, skipping of desk checking is advised.
Answer: b Link testing with large amounts of data types of varied nature is an excellent proposal as it would bring about more precise decisions for data and its dependencies. The larger the amount of data included in the testing, the larger the scale of differences to be determined, hence, easily bringing about conditions and decisions for the system.
Answer: c A system testing with large amount of live data is also a great proposal as it would provide an in depth understanding of the basic features that strengthens the system’s functionality.
Testing is used for verification and validation of the system. Only exhaustive testing can show that a program is free from defects. However, exhaustive testing is somehow impossible because it is the Testing Policies that define the approach to be used in the system test. These policies include:
• all functions accessed through menus should be tested,
• combinations of functions accessed through the same menu should be tested,
• when user input is required, all functions must be tested to determine correct and incorrect input. The system testing also ensures validation and verification of the system.
Verification is demonstrating conformance to the specification whereas validation is checking that the system meets the customer’s needs. Validation is difficult because there are many different stakeholders with different needs who may use the system. Therefore, a system that meets one user’s needs may not meet the needs of a different user.
Problem 4. 2
Answer: a There are certain requirements that are needed before utilizing the system. First and foremost, the systems input and output should be analyzed as it may not be in its desired process.
In addition, the hardware and software must be compatible to the system requirements. And a system evaluation should be carried out to determine the different processes to handle every unique situation. This process would enable the system to function at its best and ensure greater usability and scalability. Therefore, if the system is not evaluated systematically then tasks to be checked such as consistency and scalability for final system response and proper output mechanism will be overlooked and disregarded.

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