English 105 Instructor Jim Higuera Tattoos A tattoo is a mark (a person or a part of the body) with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin. There is so many opinion and arguments upon tattoos. Yes tattoo is permanent life can change, and so can your tastes. The thing is, most of those things can be changed, but a tattoo can’t. Yes I do have tattoos but each tattoo has a special meaning I wouldn’t get a pointless thing tag on me for life it has everyone gets a certain tattoo for they own personal reasons.
I love my tattoos ( I have 6 myself) but before you get any, you need to think about the fact that getting a tattoo is a big deal. It might come out looking terrible, you might hate it, you might be allergic to the ink they use, your parents may never speak to you again, you may become unemployable (depending on what you get & where) & YOU WILL HAVE IT FOREVER. Unless you can afford laser removal which, I understand, is very expensive. There are lots of good reasons for getting a tattoo. There are also a lot of bad ones.
For example you want to piss off your parents, you want to look tough, All your friends have them and you feel left out. You want to profess your undying love to your significant other with ink on your skin. You want to be cool. You’re drunk. Your friend needs someone to practice on etcetera. I have seen so many bad tattoos so bad they make me cringe when I think about them. I know a guy who went somewhere “cheap” to get it done he went to a guy who did tattoos at his house and he ended up with a tattoo that is crooked and not dark enough. The point is its so embarrassing and a waste of money.

My point is, getting a tattoo which doesn’t suck isn’t that easy. The proliferation of ugly tattoos on the shoulders of the great unwashed is proof of that. These days tattoos are more common than ever. Tattoos have grown in popularity quite a bit over the years, giving people the ability to stand out and display their individuality. Both men and women both have them on display – some with them covering the whole body! The choice is totally up to you, of course, as you can get a tattoo in virtually any size you want. Most of the general public who get tattoos get them for the symbolic value.
Of course, some get them as part of a trend, but such people usually end up regretting their tattoo later on in life. Tattoos are great for showing off, though this depends a lot on the pattern of course. There are a variety of motifs and colors to take your pick from, which adds to the positive benefits you can get from your tattoo. You can check out the many different designs at your tattoo parlor or through magazines, or over the Internet. The Internet in particular can yield an intense supply of tattoo patterns, as there are literally thousands to look at.
You can also look at pictures of those who have been tattooed already, so as to get an idea as to what a particular style will look like, once it has been finished. Why do we get a tattoo when we know that although tattoos can be removed by lasers, surgery and other methods, they are altogether permanent. Many people have very distinctive reasons for these lifelong marks and some even have stories attached to every one One plain reason for a typical tattoo is just for looks. The tattoo may be one that resembles another seen on a public figure.
It may also be a background detail that is merely pleasing to the eye. Maybe the tattoo has bright colors or neat shapes. Aesthetics are one typical reason for many tattoos. Another rationalization why one might get a tattoo is as a memorial. Friends and family who may have passed away are often memorialized with tattoos. These memorial tattoos are also often created in the memory of a particular public figure or celebrity. These might be designed with flowers, crosses and other shapes and dates of birth, names and death dates.
They might embody specific sayings that were important to the deceased. They may also involve complicated tattoos that have been copied from an actual photograph. These might be designed with flowers, crosses and other shapes and dates of birth, names and death dates. They might embody specific sayings that were important to the deceased. They may also involve complicated tattoos that have been copied from an actual photograph. Very many individuals will get tattoos designed to commemorate specific events experienced during their lifetimes.
Achievements, difficult times and other unique events are usually displayed as a lifetime reminder of a significant time in one’s life. Tattoos also represent spiritual status for some cultures. They can also sometimes be a symbol for social ranking. Some social groups are known for particular tattoos which would require a member to display the same. Others are known for having tattoos in general, the designs being unimportant. Expressing individuality and personality are often the reasons for getting a tattoo. If an individual likes butterflies, they might get a single tattoo or multiple tattoos flaunting butterflies.
If someone else enjoys a particular field in which they worked, they may have tattoos representing what they do for a living. There are other ways to pore over expressing individuality around tattoos, however. Numerous tattoos are designed to reflect heritage. Ancient designs that are associated with the history of some cultures are routinely displayed on those who are of a particular culture’s descent. As an example, someone of Irish descent may choose a tattoo depicting the Claddaugh background while another of Egyptian descent might lean towards one similar to their ancient ancestors.
On the other hand, very many people choose designs from other cultures just for aesthetics Regardless of where you crave having your tattoo applied on the body or where you get the procedure done, it’s important to understand why you really love the tattoo. Unlike many other forms of body art tattoos are enduring. So why do we get a tattoo done? Having a tattoo created for the right reasons, and reasons that are truly important to you will help to increase the joy of the design for many years to come.

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