TED Talk Analysis

his assignment requires students to choose a Ted Talk, either one watched during class time or another Ted Talk that they have chosen on their own. Students must state exactly which Ted Talk they have chosen. In one full page, the student should describe the Ted Talk and the content. The second part of the assignment is to write two full pages analyzing the communication of the speaker. Based on the information the student has learning about public speaking during the course, analyze the speaker for their public speaking skills (or lack of skills). Make sure to reference the textbook and lecture notes when explaining what the speaker does well and what they could work on. The assignment must be 3 full pages minimum (Excessive headings, unusual formatting, etc. in order to make your paper longer will be discarded), typed and double spaced in college level sentences. Students should proof read their assignment before submitting to avoid typos, grammatical or spelling errors, and other mistakes. The assignment should be in word document format (not pages) and submitted through Canvas by the due date. This Assignment must be turned in typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman Size 12 Font. Students who have formatted their papers incorrectly will receive a grade deduction. 
The format for this assignment is size 12 text, Times New Roman font, double spaced and 1 inch margins. The page heading will not contribute to assignment length requirements. This assignment must be submitted using word document (or PDF format as a last resort). No other formats will be accepted and the student will receive a zero for the assignment. 
If you have technical trouble submitting an assignment, on one occasion you may e-mail a copy to your professor before it’s due, not after. No late assignments will be accepted! 
Students are required to do and submit original work. All assignments must be in the student’s own words! This assignment is being checked for plagiarism and will receive a plagiarism score. More than 3 words in a row the same as another source will register in the database!

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TED Talk Analysis
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