Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Work File Complete each of the activities below. Fact: Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of school and only about one-third obtain a high school diploma. Fact: Teenage births are associated with lower annual income for the mother, 80% of whom eventually rely on welfare. 1. Read the two facts above and choose one of them. Discuss the possible ramifications for the teen parent’s future and the future of the child. (5 sentence minimum) (10 points) Site 2 2. One of the big health risks of a baby born to a teen mother is low birth weight.
What are two risks associated with babies who are born with low birth weight? (10 points/5 each) a. 40x more likely to die within in the first month b. Undeveloped organs Site 1 3. In addition to increased health risks, children born to teenage mothers are more likely to experience social, emotional, and other problems. Discuss two of those risks to the baby that are unrelated to health. (10 points/5 each) a. Kids don’t have parents who have proper parenting skills b. Financial problems Site 2 4. The teen mother has to deal with special challenges physically, emotionally and socially.
List two of the health risks. (10 points/5 each) a. anemia b. high blood pressure Site 3 5. Teen fathers tend to differ in certain ways from their non-parenting counterparts. Profile the teen father. (9 points/3 points each) a. b. c. Site 2 6. The future for teen moms can be compromised due to the demands of parenting. What are two of those consequences? (12 points/6 points each) a. b. 7a. Discuss with your parents and guardians some of the challenges they have faced with parenting. List three challenges. Your Parent’s Challenges: (9 points/3 points each) . b. c. 7b. *Do you think a teenager is ready for those challenges? Why or why not? (10 points) 8. After completing your research on teen pregnancy, compare your life now with how it might be if you became a teen father or mother. Include how having a child might affect your education. (5 points) How would you handle the financial responsibilities that come with being a parent? (5 points) 9. How would becoming a parent help or hinder you from reaching your mission statement and goals for your life? (10 points)

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