Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Achiever Essays has terms of use which forms our primary basis of cooperation between each of our customers and our site. To this we include the data about accessing, making an order on the Site. We thoroughly advise you always to read these terms carefully so that you pay attention to the information we give pertaining your rights, obligations, and conditions of cooperation. You are allowed to print this information or save it on your computer for you to have a reminder of our terms and conditions from time to time.
The Privacy Policy
Our FAQ page which contains information on the main information of our work. These guarantees on our privacy policy tell you what you acquire with us and what rights you have concerning the use of our service. It is compulsory to be aware of these terms and conditions before you place any order and purchasing our service.

The effects of the usage of our service
If you pay for any service on our Achiever Essays then it means you agree to our terms of use, you have read them, and everything fits you.  If you do not agree with some term and conditions, then we highly advise you not to make an application for our service.

When do we alter the stipulations of use?
We so often renew the information concerning requirements of use. We may amend the information about services, prices, we offer or precautions policies. Each client should check this information from time to time on our site not to miss some important changes.

Registration and placing an order.
If you want to place an order on our website, then you ought to present the order form which you used to purchase an order page. Placing an order gives you a chance to indicate your assignment as you put in all essential information in the order form to get what you want. To make an order from our Site you will be required to register. Our registration form contains the following information of yours like which kind of service you want, which type of task you need, the academic level for the order, and additional information about the order.
On the personal information you will tell us about your name, country, e-mail address, phone number, and payment information. In the case of any updates, you are allowed to edit your profile.

Information on your account and security

When you get registered on our Site, you will be required to let us know your name and email address and then set a username lastly create a secure password.
Ensure to maintain your account information as a secret, do not share this information.
You will always be answerable for all activities and orders made through your account. If you somebody gets your password then just edit it on your profile. We notify you of any changes involving your password on your email. We have the right to change your password and keeping it secure.
Payment and Discounts

Placing an order on our site means you will have to pay for any service, so your order becomes available on when your payment is confirmed. The type of order you place determine the price of order. Still, you can check the prices on the Pricing Section. Information on bonuses and discounts we offer is available in FAQ.
The main features of using our Website
Access to our site for your personal and non-commercial use.
Our website may not, however, be utilized for any illegal purposes which may be the following:
the spread of any prohibited, abusive, damaging or other materials which are outlawed;
Transmit of materials that will encourage other people to conduct offense or something that is against the law. If you break any of the given rules and regulations regarding the use of our site you will be reliable to the damages. We will have the right to end your usage of our site if you are found to have broken these rules. If we suspect that your use of our website is based on bad influences to other customers, then you will end up to forfeit access to the site.

Use of services

If you submit a service purchase, you automatically agree that you are aware of the following:

  1. You are buying the assignment for your individual usage;
  2. If you use any information from the orders you get to ensure it is correctly cited;
  3. All coursework are made according to all stated standards;
  4. The assignments are prepared by freelance writers who were checked for proficiency by our company;
  5. You pay costs for looking and collecting for materials and information needed for the completion of your order. The prices also mirror the editing, correcting, time that we need for work; advertising of the Site.
  6. You cannot issue, copy, publish, transmit the materials you receive from our company, without our consent.
  7. You are not to destroy all assignments as far as you have used it for your primary purpose.

    What do terms of use mean?
    The following terms of use apply to Achiever Essays. Terms of use which we offer your attention are the primary basis of cooperation between our site and each customer. This includes access to information on our site, order placement on the Site. Do read and save this information for your use and as an often reminder of the terms and conditions.

    When do we change the terms of use?
    We often revamp and change the information regarding the terms of use. We may alter the services, data on prices, we present or security policies. Each client should check this information from time to time on our website not to miss some important changes.

    Registration and placing an order
    If you would like to make an order on our site, then you ought to present order form which is placed on the order page. Placing an order gives you a chance to specify your assignment, you are to insert all essential information and materials in the order form to get what you expect. To make an order on our Site, you will be asked to register. Our registration form contains the subsequent information of yours:

  8. Which kind of service you need,
  9. Which type of assignment you need,
  10. Academic level requires detailed information on your order and extra requirements
  11. Private information your name, phone number, country, e-mail address, and payment information



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