Test “Design and Innovation”

Direction: “Design and Innovation” Audi
1. There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there’s ______.

A. Visa
B. American Express
C. Mastercard
D. Discover

The correct answer is C.
2. Mastercard A rainbow (or any other color now) fruit with a bite taken out of it?

a) Macintosh Mowers
b) Musselman’s
c) Apple
d) Chiquita

The correct answer is c)
3. Apple 0. The ‘wave’?

a) Big Sur Waterbeds
b) Coca-Cola
c) Shoreline telephone
d) Beech-nut gum

The correct answer is b)
4. Coca-Cola What is ‘Six Sigma’?

a. A mathematical model for increasing output while lowering costs
b. A system of quality management
c. A form of industrial dispute arbitration
d. An ad-hoc grouping of the world’s six most valuable companies

The correct answer is b.
5. A system of quality management. Jack Welch is regarded as one of the great business innovators of the modern era. Of which company was the CEO?

a. Pfizer
b. IBM
c. Wal-Mart
d. General Electric

The correct answer is d.
6. General Electric The production system of which the car giant is often held up as a model of business innovation?

a. Fiat
b. Volkswagen
c. Peugeot
d. Toyota

The correct answer is d.
7. Toyota According to World Health Organization estimates, how many people are currently living with HIV/AIDS worldwide?

a. 9. 6 million
b. 20. 4 million
c. 39. 4 million
d. 40. 2 million

8. The correct answer is c. 9. 4 million A loan to pay for a home, business, or another real estate over a period of time is

a) deposit
b) bankruptcy
c) mortgage

The correct answer is c)
9. You read ____ newspaper because – You deserve to know

a) Times of India
b) Hindustan Times
c) The Hindu
d) Bombay Times

The correct answer is b)
10. Hindustan Times Which companies mobile phones are marketed with the slogan – Big inside. Small Outside

a) Nokia
b) Sony
c) Samsung
d) Motorola

The correct answer is c)
11. Samsung Louie Philippe is the brand name of

a) shirt
b) paper
c) car
d) luggage ware

The correct answer is a)
12. Power is the name of oil from which of the following Oil giants?

b) HP
d) Shell

The correct answer is b) HP
13. According to the Economic Survey, India is placed at which place in Wireless Network mobile users in the World?

a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

The correct answer is b) Second
14. The hat was the achieved growth rate of GDP in the Ninth Five Year Plan?

a) 8. 0%
b) 7. 0%
c) 7. 5%
d) 8. 5%

The correct answer is b) 7. 0%
15. When did ICC World Cup 2012 Cricket Tournament start?

a) February 14, 2012
b) September 18, 2012
c) January 13, 2012
d) August 14, 2012

The correct answer is b) September 18, 2012

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