the Aeneid by virgil and the book of the city of ladies by Christine de Pizan

I need help writing a 6 page paper from The Aeneid by Virgil and the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan it must include 

comparison ex :”While the robot in the original Lost in Space TV show was a benign sidekick who always had Will Robinson’s back, the reboot version in 2018 turns the robot into an ambiguous figure.”
Basic knowledge: Your paper must demonstrate knowledge (for each text analyzed) of the following. 
text (title, when published [if known; if not, give estimate], significance of publication — be brief!)
author (who and why author is significant, or text’s origin if no clear author — be brief!)
cultural/historical context (what significant historical or cultural events relate to this text and why?)
literary-historical context (what genre and how does text/author relate to a specific literary movement or time period?)
Research:  Your research must include 3 academic secondary sources that explicitly treat the texts that you are analyzing.  
Translation:  Your analysis of at least one of the primary texts must take into account the issue of translation in at least one moment in your paper.  You may satisfy this requirement by focusing on one of the following methods: 

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the Aeneid by virgil and the book of the city of ladies by Christine de Pizan
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a comparison of the translation and the original text in its foreign language, which would therefore also include a significant analysis of the original foreign language

a comparison of various translations of the original text (but without reference to the original text), highlighting the different choices of the various translations

a consideration of the idiomatic nature of the translation in English, which would highlight the (cultural, historical, etc.) difference that English translation makes

 themes could be any of these: 

Gender:  How are gender roles treated in each text?  How are particular gender roles valued in each text?  What is possible or impossible for a particular gender in this text?  How does the treatment change from one to text to another and why is this shift significant?

Heroism:  How does each text understand the meaning of “hero” or “heroism”?  You might link this question to the problem of “honor,” depending on the text.  How do these themes change from one text to another, and why is this change significant?

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