The Cultural Context of the Kite Runner

And, under the same roof, we speak our first word, mine was Baba” Kite runner is about a twelve year old boy ?? Amir, who wanted be loved and treasured by his father. Through his continuous and struggling effort in earning Baba’s affections, the lack of security and recognition from Baba lead to his willingness to sacrifice other people around him just to secure his position in Baba’s heart, which paves the way for future devastating events.
Thus, to a great extent that I agree “The kite runner’ is a story of a boy’s thwarted longing to be his father’s pride and joy.Baba’s disappointment of Amir’s failure to inherit Baba’s personality, interests and career, makes him longed for Baba’s pride and joy. Baba as a reputable businessman, do not have much time to spend with Amir, he had to socialize with other reputable businessman in Afghanistan all the time. “He’d close the door, leave me to wonder why it was always grown ups’ time with him. ” The lack of family time together exposed Amir to think whether Baba cares or loves him.Also, Baba wants Amir to follow his footsteps, to be like him as a strong, courageous, kind hearted and diligent man, “he once wrestled a bear with bare hands”, his passion for soccer, successful career as a businessman, his compassionate heart to build an orphanage for homeless kids acts as a huge contrast to the cowardice, physically and mentally weak Amir, who always bury his face into poetries and books, fail to defend himself when being bullied by street kids and Assef, “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything”.Baba once forced him to join the soccer team, which Amir embarrassed himself.
When it became abundantly clear that I hadn’t inherited a shred of his athletic talents, he settled for trying to turn Amir into a passionate spectator, which unfortunately, Baba discovered his son’s lack of interest. The expectation that Baba had for Amir causes disappointment and aloofness, their father-son…

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