The Role of Ethics and Importance of Codes of Ethics for Public Safety Organizations


Are codes of ethics important to a Public Safety organization? Why or why not?
Do you view a code of ethics as being realistic or idealistic and why?
Briefly discuss the role of ethics in public safety organizations maintaining the trust of the communities they serve.
Outline a few principles or rules you would include in a code of ethics you would create for your organization or profession.


Philosophy of Ethics
Reference Link 16.1 Ethical Role of Management
Reference Link 16.2 Ethical Dilemmas
Video Link 16.1 (Ethical Norms) Ethics in Leadership
Video Link 16.2 (Ethics in Management) Ethical Leadership–yq5eq0
Video Link 16.4 (Chapter Summary),AAAAPmbRRLk~,C5G7jhYNtie3c6Bhi4MvuCjtiNI0p2Fk&bctid=1431905806001
US Government Office of Ethics
A Guide to Ethical Resources
ICMA Code of Ethics

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