The Soul Taker

It was a dreary night of November and I was on my way back from camp. On the long journey home my friends told each other scary stories based on a myth that Miss Maiden told us the previous evening.
It was a warm evening at camp, Miss Maiden and Mrs Jane were roasting marshmallows as the girls played clap games and the boys swooped
Poke-mon cards, I sat there silently bringing back to mind a dream that I had about the woods next to the camp on Friday the 13th …

It was about a ashy castle on top of a uneven hill, it was burnt down because of all the evil spirits that was said to be lurking in vengeances for anyone who try to claim the castle. When I entered the castle on my left was a room; I struggled to open the door, a repulsive smell made my skin cells repel. the brown tarnished door I woke up. Damn!
I sat there daydreaming trying to remember what I saw in the room but it didn’t seem to work. Was it because I was hungry and drooling over those soft marshmallows? I think I might take a break and after eating it might sort out my ‘amnesia’.
We sat in a circle around the fire eating the hot marshmallows on sticks; Miss Maiden began telling a scary myth, I didn’t see the point, she might as well read a fairytale because they were never scary! I didn’t pay much attention to her until she said…
‘a rigidly hill were a castle stands ‘ I suddenly stop gulping down my marshmallows and looked at Miss Maiden, Her eyes were luminously shining as the moon light reflected off her pupils, she looks around at us slowly purposely catching eye connections. She then sharply points to the woods behind us making us all jump in fear.
There was nothing behind us Miss Maiden and Mrs Jane started to laugh, I was furious I dropped my marshmallows on the floor, Mrs Jane told us to settle down to continue the story. She explained about a young girl called marline whose parents died when she was at the age of 12 and left there family house in her name. Her auntie moved in shortly after the death of her parents. In those times the deceased were buried in their own home. Her auntie treated her like a slave and said over and over again that the house belongs to her.
When Marline was 17 her auntie decided to sell the property to a young couple. Mr and Mrs Vale. They were planning to destroy the house and build a bungalow on top of the hillside as it had the most beautiful sights in the whole town. When her auntie told her about it Marline was outraged she stood up to her auntie referring to her parents will of the house.
Her auntie responded showing her authority over her. Marline ran to her room crying thinking of many evil ways to stop the couple from buying the house.
Then it suddenly came across to her… She knew what she had to do.
Marlines auntie cried out to her to get her a glass of ginger beer. Marline runs to the kitchen and gets a glass out the left cabinet on the wall. She looks around her to see if any one was there she then opened a bottle with the caution skull sign on it and poured it into the glass.
She opened the bottle of ginger beer and poured it right up to the brim of the glass, bubbles foamed up and out. Marline ran to the sink grabbed a napkin and quickly wiped up the ginger beer. She goes to the room which was on the left side of the kitchen and gave her auntie the glass with a devilish smile on her face. Her auntie drank it breathing hard collapsed and died. Marline ran to catch her before she dropped on the floor because she knew that the weight of dead people are double there size. She lays her flat on the couch and covers her with a white lace.
She calls someone and says her auntie dead. She then runs up to the 4th floor leaving the phone unhooked and hides in a secret closet trying not to breathe too hard. The door bell rang continuously then she heard a loud noise and voices became crystal clear. She looked through the little gaps between the closest and saw the police searching up and down to see if anyone was in. The noise all of a sudden stopped and the door shut she came out the closet and looked out the window discreetly she saw men put her auntie behind a carriage.
Marline couldn’t handle it she went into her mothers and fathers old room and took her fathers razor and slit her wrists, she vowed that no one would ever step foot into her property again.
As Miss Maiden told us the myth I could feel myself turning dusky pale and barley white shivering next to the fire. Mrs Jane asked me if I was alright. I just stared at her like there was something on her face. She covered me with a blanket and patted me on top of my head.
All that was running through my head was my dream… I said to myself I am going to find that castle!
But I didn’t have a chance to I fell asleep and when I woke up it was afternoon and we were in a rush to pack our stuff to be on the coach promptly for 7pm.
As I sat there leaning against the window sulking, . It was a full moon tonight, I looked up and the luminous moon was as bright as ever. Under the moon was a foggy mist and in that mist was like a shadow of some kind of triangle. I squinted my eyes to see if I could make out what it was.
CASTLE! I shouted. Everyone immediately looked out the window. Mrs Jane looked above her glasses and told me to keep it quite, I smiled. When I get home that night I will come back and go to the castle. I couldn’t wait.
It was now 8:30 pm and we finally reached school, when I got out the coach it was lashing with rain and striking with thunder, I took my little hand luggage and put my coat over my head squinting my eyes to see if I could spot mummy’s new black car.

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