theater review paper

Please select one topic only from the three options below. Or, create your own topic! Just email the instructor for approval by the end of Week 3. 
Format for all papers: 1000-1500 words, double-spaced, 12pt. font, MLA or APA style 
Option A: Performance Review 
Attend a live performance of your choice during our summer session and write a review, where you apply concepts from the course to your selection. 
Your paper should offer a thesis/argument, more than a simple evaluation of whether you “liked” the show or not. Consider instead some of the following questions: 

What does the show attempt?


How well does the attempt succeed?
Was the attempt worth making?

We’ve listed some possible performances below, but you are not limited to these choices. If you have questions about a specific event, or want to recommend a show  to your classmates, please contact the instructor. 

Include details of the event, e.g., the production name, location, date, etc.  
Describe and apply at least 3 course concepts, for example: script/text, direction, acting, design (sound, scenic, costume, and/or lighting, etc.), among any other elements.


If necessary, include only a brief summary of the plot. Focus instead on the “live” performance aspects.
Include a photo or scan of the ticket, program, or even a selfie of you inside the theater–something to prove you attended the show.

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