Thesis WIJAR Call for Articles Thank you for your interest in furthering your professional development and submitting an article to the Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research. The call for articles process is straightforward but requires your careful consideration of the details below. Whether this is your first or your fifth time submitting, please carefully read through this document and note the key dates and updated requirements. General Information The article must be based in research that offers a clear thesis and contribution to the field for which it is written. Each article must adhere to the format specifications that will be outlined below. The article must be in a Microsoft Word document containing the entire article (see Preparation of Articles section below for formatting specifications)  It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the final paper is submitted in clear, concise English as the editor will not engage in extensive rewrites. Manuscripts that require editing will be submitted to the Writing Center and returned to the author for revision before being accepted for publication. The editor will undertake copy editing and final preparation prior to publication.  Length Requirements NEW! Faculty, Staff, and Outside Contributors: 2,500 min – 5,000 max words Students: 1500 min– 3,000 max words  Preparation of Articles NEW! Articles must be formatted as follows: ● Microsoft Word document, letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches), 1-inch margins all around, 12-point Times New Roman font, Double spaced (references and notes included) ● APA Style (consult the 6th Edition of the APA Style Manual or visit  Direct all questions and submissions to wj[email protected]  ● Do not include a cover page or any identifying information on the document ● Ensure that the article contains proper headings (and subheadings, as needed), includes an abstract of no more than 200 words, introduction, substantial body of the article, clear conclusions/implications, reference page, and appendix (if applicable)  Citations All references should be included as in-text citations or with parenthetical references. No endnotes, footnotes, or numbered references should be included. Articles received in such a format will be returned for editing.  Tables, Figures, Charts, etc. Tables, figures, charts, illustrations, etc. may be included in the text if properly cited according to APA 6th edition format. All tables, figures, charts, and illustrations must be in jpeg format. Copyright Authors submitting articles must agree to the following: The author grants Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research the non-exclusive right to reproduce and/or distribute the submission worldwide in any medium for non-commercial, academic purposes. The author agrees that Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research may, without changing the content, translate the submission to any medium or format and keep more than one copy for the purposes of security, backup, and preservation. The author affirms the submission is original work and has not been previously published in any other form. The author also represents the submission does not, to the best of their knowledge, infringe upon anyone’s copyright.  Formatting and Accessibility As the editor of the journal formats the manuscripts for publication, we reserve the right to alter any formatting concerns with text, tables, charts, figures, headings and etc. Content will not be altered without permission. Any part of a manuscript that is altered is only for formatting and accessibility purposes.  Author ChecklistNEW! Before you submit, make sure your article: ● Is written as a research article, not a narrative/descriptive paper ● Has basic grammatical components that make it comprehensible and professional ● Is ready to pass through TurnItIn with a similarity rating below 15% (discounting references page)  If any of the above is not met, your article will be immediately returned to you. Submitting Your Article NEW! 

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