To Dr. Clover (First Response Needed For Unit 3)

A need assessment is very important in any business or program and more importantly it shouldn’t be taken likely. The main reason for a need assessment is to identify in each person the areas of a person that needs the most training (Shaw, 2017). Reason for that being is because most companies wouldn’t want to have someone on their team who couldn’t do the job much efficient then others. Especially when it is dealing with competition. Now the difference between a needs and a SPACE analysis is many things which is why most companies tend to use the needs at any random time. The SPACE analysis is a new framework that can be very useful tool that can develop and review a company new strategy however it is not very known, it can be used at many stages like in the beginning of an exercise, sometimes as a check at the end, and it can be an appraisal of key issues that can balance both External and Internal (Simister, 2011).
An example could be a local business making a chart of net sales compare to the goals and compare the two together to see what is needed and what need to be change.
However, if they use a SPACE analysis. They would have a diagraph it would show the four top key points such as Conservative, Aggressive, Defensive and Competitive.
I would use the more advance analysis only because it is more detail and it would help me a manager and business owner to see my goal and how would I achieve it.
Simister, P. (2011, September 1). SPACE Analysis – Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix. Retrieved November 01, 2017, from
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