To Dr. Clover (Unit 2 Week 2 Second Response Needed)

  I’m am glad that the research will be done by the turning in of unit 4. The last is the grouping of all four into is this correct? In this the plan is to find all I can as each week come and the unit IP is ready to right. When each week do an overview of the paper highlighting the most important things to be able to. have it ready to present as a paper of the best parts of the research done through each week. To sort out needed information as we go will help me start to put it together as the weeks go by we have the out line given in the unit 5 assignment. If we put them by category spelled out for us in this unit 5 outline we will have all the information from one to three organized and the unit 4 will not be hard to do. Then our paper will be ready to put together. I have all my references listed per week and can print and start a alphabetical list. The appendices is a list of the website in name only is this correct? This is the only way to get it all done when having to write 50 pages. 

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To Dr. Clover (Unit 2 Week 2 Second Response Needed)
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