Top Ten List

I am passionate about this, because I want to be a teacher and want to influence others. I know finishing college is necessary to obtain my goal. 2. I am passionate about spending time with my family, and know that without their love and support would be lost. 3. Am passionate about doing well in this class, because I want to be able to effectively communicate with others in a professional manner.

I know communication is extremely important in everyday life, as well as teaching. 4. Know about the importance Of respecting others and am passionate about always treating others with respect. 5. Working well with others and having an open mind. I am passionate about learning about diversity and appreciating other people’s point of views. I know this is crucial in the real world, as well as in the teaching field. 6. I am passionate about working with children with special needs one day. Reentry help adults with disabilities find employment and it has really opened to my eyes to what want to do in life.

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