Topic: Write a dissertation( essay) on Phèdre by Jean Racine. 3-4 pages

Instructions: Include a bibliography page. Even if you have only used one book, you need to prepare a list of references following the MLA style.

Reminder: In a literary dissertation, you must state a thesis, that is to say an argument that you seek to prove to your reader (introduction: 1st paragraph), show the merits of your thesis using citations precise (body paragraphs), and write a conclusion where you can widen the framework of your study by establishing a quick link between the play of Racine and French classicism or reconciliations between Phèdre and other texts of the 17th century like Le Cid, Maxims, and Thoughts (last paragraph)
Clearly and concisely formulate the argument you want to prove (this is your dissertation thesis). In the body paragraphs, talk only about aspects of the play that relate to your thesis.
Topic:In Phèdre’s preface, Racine writes, “Phèdre is neither entirely guilty, nor entirely  innocent”. Analyze this complex character, either in its entirely, or by focusing on a particular aspect of his personality, for example: his fight between heart and reason.

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