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The Code of Federal Regulation that I feel is most important is near and dear to my heart; this may be only because I am a United States Marine and a member of the Department of Navy.  The Regulation I chose was:

Title 32 (National Defense), Subtitle A (Dept of Navy) Chapter VI, Part 723 (Board for Corrections of Naval Records).  This regulation basically reviews Naval Service member’s records when an error is made or there was an injustice decision made upon discharge.  For example, service member receives an Other than Honorable Discharge on there DD214.  If the member believes that this is an error or injustice was present during the determination, service member can submit to the Board for Naval Corrections for review under this regulation.    I feel this is important because it gives service members a chance to get a second look at something they feel strongly about and it also alleviates the service having to go through multiple appeals processes.

In regards to a regulation that is associated with our industry, Title 49 (Transportation), Subtitle B, Chapter 1, Subchapter A (Hazardous Material and Oil Transportation), Part 109 (Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Procedural Regulations).  This regulation governs an abundance of areas regarding transportation and HAZMAT.  More specifically, this regulation list examinations and analysis of materials and inspections and investigations of packages.  I feel this is extremely important because in our current society that we are living in today, there is a lack of integrity and these inspections keep people honest and on their toes..

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I found the following regulation 49 CFR 172.602 (a) (1-7) (b) (1-3) (i) (ii) (iii) (c) (1) (2) emergency response information to be the most important.   The regulation identifies all the appropriate instructions required in case something goes wrong with a hazardous item. I found this important, because of my own experience with hazardous material at work.  Before an employee can work in the shop and handle material, they must be trained properly and know all the warnings.  The thing I like to highlight is emergency response to an incident.  Inspectors will ask our newest employee how to respond to an incident or where to refer.  Each hazard usually has a specific response and one method might not work for the other one.  Having the correct fire extinguisher for that hazard is an example.  Another is what first aid procedure to apply in case of injury.  The regulation explains the responsibilities of everyone involved with correct paperwork, training and accessible to vital information.  Each mode of transportation is identified too.  My experience in the Air Force has been that safety is the highest priority in what we do.  This could be loading a missile onto a fighter jet to changing a light bulb with a ladder.  Every program that I have in my career field requires some sort of safety or emergency response.  Even when teaching a class I must give an emergency action plan at the beginning and identify evacuation routes.  This has caused me to notice that every place of business has some sort of emergency response posted for everyone to see. 

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