Tv has negative influence on society

TV has a negative influence on society Introduction: According to David Hinckley of New York Daily News, “The average America over the age of 2 spends more than 34 hours a week watching live television plus another 3-6 hours watching taped programs. ” This statistic shows how much tv can affect us, considering how much we watch it. I want you to think about your favorite tv show right now. I’ll bet you that that show contains some kind of violence, sexual interactions, cussing, drug or alcohol usage, stereotypes and many other bad nfluences.
Even shows like Spongebob Squarepants, a kids cartoon, are saying to have subliminal, or hidden, messages that are disturbing and wrong. Resolution: My partner and I are resolved that tv has a negative influence on society. By negative influence we mean a power affecting a person, think, or course of events in a bad way(free dictionary. com). And in this case, tv is affecting society, or people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions and values. My first argument is that violence on tv leads to aggressive behavior in the people watching it.
According to Dr. Gail Gross in the Huffington Post, “when children see violence on television, they have a difficult time differentiating between what is real and what is make believe, and tend to copy what they see. ” In 1 study done at Pennsylvania Statue University in 1982, about 100 preschool children were observed both before and after watching tv. Some watched cartoons that had a lot of aggressive and violent acts and others watched shows with no violence. The esearchers notched real differences.

Children who watched the violent shows were more likely to hit out at their playmates, argue, disobey class rules, leave tasks unfinished, and were less willing to wait for things than those who watched the unviable not programs, says Aletha Huston-Stein PH. D, now at the University of Kansas. In conclusion, media violence makes kids more aggressive, less patient, and more fearful of the world around them. There are plenty of violent tv shows like law and order, criminal minds, the walking dead, breaking bad, and so on that show case iolence and killings.
These shows can lead many people to follow in their ways. So as you can see from this evidence, violence on tv leads to aggressive behavior in the people watching it. My second argument is that watching tv gives open access to everything. When you watch tv, you are susceptible to messages that are dangerous, especially the youth. Say that you are a young kid and your parents want to keep you away from the dangers of drug and sex until you’re older. Well whole watching tv you could flip to a hannel and start watching a television show that includes these activities.
Now as a young kid you may be confused and not know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to these new things you haven’t heard ot betore. Another point is shows like teen mom expose you to premarital sex and these shows make it seem normal and natural to have sex as a teenager. Furthermore, according to changingchannels. org, tv desensitizes viewers to the evil nature of premarital sex and unprovoked violence, encouraging young viewers to find them acceptable and ormal in society.
So you can see from the points made, television gives people, especially youth, open access to everything. conclusion: Our first argument was that tv violence leads to aggressive behavior in the people watching it. Our second argument was that tv gives people open access to everything. Do you really want young children susceptible to drug, sex, and violence before they are even old enough to know what it is? From these arguments, it should be clear that tv is leaving a negative impact on our society.

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