UMUC SPCH100 quiz 5

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Quiz 5
Question 1 1
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The following are examples of what NOT to do when using
visual aids (check all that apply):

Show a detailed diagram without a detailed explanation.

Project a random photo for the duration of your speech.

Show a graphic that emphasizes changes in data over time.

Check the equipment’s functionality before the presentation.
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Question 2 1
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Knowing your audience is one of the most important things
you can do in preparing for your speech because

it helps you choose a topic that is appropriate

it ensures you will not be a boring speaker

it will help you to feel confident

None of the above
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Question 3 1
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A student finds that the phrasing and speech structure of
his or her research paper closely mirrors that of his or her source material.
This might be considered which of the following forms of plagiarism?

unintended plagiarism

deliberate plagiarism

wrongful appropriation

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Question 4 0
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If you are preparing an informative speech about a famous
actor, you should (check all that apply)

review his biography

express your opinion about the controversy surrounding his
personal life

provide reviews of his movies

list the movies he has appeared in
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Question 5 0
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It is perfectly acceptable to use hand gestures in a speech,
regardless of the audience.


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Question 6 1
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Copying another person’s ideas, text, or other creative
work, and presenting it as one’s own, especially without permission, is called




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Question 7 1
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Speakers should do which of the following to avoid intimidating

Wear professional attire.

Present with authenticity.

Refrain from using abusive language.

Write, review, and rehearse their speech.
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Question 8 1
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In an informative speech, it is a good idea to

appeal to the audience’s emotions

use visual aids to give the audience a visual representation
of information in the speech

address subjects that your audience already knows

all of the above
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Question 9 1
/ 1 point
A demonstration speech

explains the meaning, theory, or philosophy of a topic

creates a vivid picture in a person’s mind of an object,
person, animal, or place

explains how to do something in a step-by-step manner

gives a description of the state of a given topic
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Question 10 1
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When tailoring a speech toward a specific audience, which of
the following factors about the audience should the speaker consider? Check all that apply.

gender and age

cultural background and/or ethnicity

education and economic status

family background and group membership
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Question 11 1
/ 1 point
When citing statistics, all that matters are the numbers.


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Question 12 1
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An audience’s reaction to an after-lunch speech may be
different than the reaction of an audience that hears the same speech earlier
in the day.


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Question 13 1
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One of the factors that should be considered when selecting
a video to accompany a speech is

the video reflects current events

the video fills time requirements

the video reinforces the message of the speech

the video will get a laugh

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