Unit 7 Practice Exercise

Implementation (25 points)
Security (15 points)
Maintenance (10 points)
Part I:  Implementation (25 points)
You have been a user of many information systems including, possibly, a class registration system at your school, a bank account system, a word-processing system, and an airline reservation system. Pick a system you have used and assume you were involved in the beta testing of that system. What criteria would you have used to judge whether this system was ready for general distribution?   Provide at least five criteria, describe them, and explain how you would judge or measure those criteria.
Part II Security (15 points)
What types of security policies and procedures does your place of employment have in place for campus information systems?   Describe at least three and provide both the policy and procedure describe the methodology or purpose of the policy.
Part III Maintenance (10 points)
Maintenance has been presented as both the final stage of the SDLC and as a process similar to the SDLC. Why does it make sense to talk about maintenance in both of these ways? Do you see a conflict in looking at maintenance in both ways?

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